Dynamic Timesheet Service Models.


Default Dynamic Service

VSETA Tag has the ability to detect small VSETA ZoneMarkers and Transmitter Nodes placed around the building. A person equipped with VSETA Tag is detected when entering a zone equipped with VSETA ZoneMarker and/or Transmitter Node. 

Standing in an area with the VSETA ZoneMarker for more than 30 Seconds, will continue on counting the presence and display on the VSETA Dashboard.

Tip: It is recommended to place the VSETA ZoneMarker inside Rooms and areas of interest such as main entrances and long hallways to capture presence within the building. Placement of additional ZoneMarker increase the accuracy of location detection.

Service Time is a valuable component of Dynamic Service.
Enhanced Dynamic Timesheet Option is targeted towards clients interested in enhanced Service Timekeeping.

Enhanced Dynamic
Service Timesheet

VSETA Tag can be left on the counter top for enhanced Timesheet data collection. This is only beneficial if Service Duration data is desirable for reporting purposes. The Tag can still detect and reset the Room count without further interactions. 

A porter can move in and out of the room for supplies or spend considerable time within stalls at various parts of the room which may share a wall with room next door.

VSETA Users standardize their Dynamic Service Timesheet by placing the Tag near the VSETA ZoneMarker for enhanced capture of Service Time.

Tip: ZoneMarker is typically placed underneath the Sink and Cleaner leaves the Tag on the countertop during the service. However, a holding unit such as a Cradle can be placed behind the Bathroom door to utilize the Occupancy Sensors as a ZoneMarker for enhanced time keeping.


Enhanced Dynamic Service Timesheet + Backup Traffic

VSETA Tag can be left on the door with ZoneMaker acting as a BackUp traffic Sensor if room is also equipped with a Motion Counter. 

Alternatively, Tag can be placed inside a holding unit such as a Cradle on the door in fixed proximity to the ceiling mounted Motion Counter to reduce the impact of Cleaner visiting washrooms stalls with having shared walls or going in and out of the room to the Janitorial cart.

This optional standardization helps with enhanced Service Timeline.

The Tag can still be detected when entering the room automatically without the need of placing the Tag near any Sensor or ZoneMarker in a fixed location. However, you may see Service Timeline in fractions as opposed to a solid bar of service time.