VSETA Sales Partner.

  • Dedicated VSETA Account Manager
  • Create end-to-end customer experiences
  • Enable cost efficiencies, satisfaction, compliance and more.
  • Complete enterprise sales resources
  • VSETA global services (Canada. US. EU. UK. APAC. UAE.)

Global SmartWashroom

We believe SmartWashroom should be accessible to every property around the world.

Create a client sale strategy.

Some of our clients can benefit from SmartWashroom program, others may want to focus only on Service Compliance or Space Utilization. You can choose what's best for our customer.

First choose the market you like

Any public place with a Washroom can benefit from VSETA. Think of all Commercial Offices, Hospitals, Schools, Malls and more,

Select services

Select what applications will benefit your target market. Think SmartWashroom, Traffic Monitoring or Service Audit.

Reach your audience

Utilize VSETA Sales and Marketings resources such as Presentations, System Spec Guides and more to reach to your audience with confidence and care.

Recurring royalty

Collect up to 10% royalty for as long your customer keeps using the system! The more you care for the customer to enhance the experience the longer customer will use the system.

Customers invest in a
better way to clean and operate efficiently.

VSETA is low-cost, LTE Secure and Easy to install without retrofitting.

Easy deployment
Easy to deploy and integrate. System can be installed in a day or  two in most properties based on size.
Increased retention
Property owner and operators love the data. Keep on keeping the customer satisfied with valuable services.
Satisfied customer's clients
Customers and their facility users are satisfied with elevated level of services and care.

Diverse market.

All facilities require sanitation. Some can even operate more lean with VSETA. Your VSETA account manager will review the sale strategy to ensure our customers benefit from VSETA products and services.

Cost efficiency
Sanitation Compliance
Satisfied customers

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