VSETA Developer Program

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Developer questions.

Does VSETA provide Developer Support?
VSETA provides Developer APIs and Documentations to access the VSETA system in a secure manner inline with industry standards. VSETA does not provide on call Developer support or Developer engagements outside of what is provided on the Dashboard.
Can I talk to a Developer and ideate?
No, VSETA does not permit developer calls according to social engineering prevention cyber security principles. VSETA welcomes feature requests via your account manager to enhance the user experience. Feature requests may be reviewed by VSETA to be made available in future releases.

Feature requests are deemed public knowledge by VSETA. Any materials submitted to VSETA is deemed public disclosure and VSETA may discard without review and notice.
What can I white label?
VSETA Partner program, permits for strict use of "Powered by VSETA" or "By VSETA" labeling of certain materials. Please, refer to VSETA Brand Book for guidelines.
What kind of support does VSETA provide?
We offer email support via designated account manager for paid accounts. Community support (dev.vseta.com) is available to all users.
What are the VSETA  API Costs?
No costs at this time. However, VSETA at its discretion may introduce API fees in the future without notice and limitations.